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Discern Truth From Error

How do we discern truth from error? By being a regular student of the Bible.

1 Timothy 6:3-4b says, “If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, they are conceited and understand nothing.”

If we don’t want to be led astray by false teachers, we need to read the New Testament to learn well what Jesus taught. The New Testament contains books written about Jesus and His life and ministry on earth. Matthew, Mark, and John are first hand accounts of Jesus by his disciples. They very much confirm each other. Luke, a doctor, wrote what he learned by studying with Jesus’ disciples. Acts tells us how the Holy Spirit came on the church, and how God GREW – in an enormous way – His church; and He continues to do so today! The next books of the Bible are written to individual early churches by the disciples, apostles, and Paul, who Jesus called out of the strictest form of Judaism to take the Biblical gospel to non-Jews. Finally, the book of Revelation tells us about God’s judgement that is to come.

Jesus is the pivotal point of history, and certainly the Bible and the Biblical account of His ministry, death and resurrection, begins in Matthew. Once you master the New Testament (Matthew – Revelation) begin digging in to the Old Testament for Godly teaching, but I encourage you to continue studying the New Testament at the same time, as Everything Changed With Jesus, and because of HIM we are no longer under the law for our salvation!

All books of the Bible are directly inspired by God Himself “God Breathed” and as such, if anything contradicts the gospel it is false. The true gospel, taught in the Bible is that Jesus is more than enough, and paid FULLY for the sins of everyone who would place their faith in His death and resurrection! His work at the Cross is Finished! Jesus Paid It All! If anything contradicts a single word in the inspired Word of God – the Bible – it Can Not Be Truth. God can not lie. He does not shift and change. He calls us to stand on the truth of His Word. Anything that contradicts the Bible is a lie, not truth.

Some people, in an attempt to discredit the Bible, question it’s authenticity. Let me encourage you; there is no more validated book! Study The Truth

The places and people in scripture are historically verifiable and as a matter of fact, many Biblical sites are still known and visited today.  I have been told that traveling to Israel is a powerful way to gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. It makes the Bible come to life when you are surrounded by evidence of the many Biblical accounts.  They really happened.  Archaeologists tell us they did, and historical accounts confirm the Bible.

We have ancient Old Testament scrolls as well as New Testament books of the Bible which entirely validate the authenticity both in translation and transcript of the entire Bible. How did the Bible survive for thousands of years without being corupted? Scribes, and later monks would destroy entire copies of the Bible that they were copying for just one letter error, starting over again.  God used this meticulous attention to detail to give us an incredibly accurate text today. Jesus himself validated the Old Testament Scriptures when He frequently quoted directly from Hebrew Scriptures (OT).  He never once questioned if the compiling and keeping of Scripture had been done correctly. God has kept His word intact. It is a beautiful gift He offers us, so that we might know Him, learn to glorify Him more, and be protected from Satan’s lies.

We desperately need to Read The Bible Often, so we do not fall prey to a lie. Study it. Inhale it. Breathe deeply of the hope found in Jesus and Jesus alone, and reject every teaching that does not agree with the sound instruction found in the Bible. Our eternity is staked on it.


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