Living For God

Target is not the first retailer to endanger our kids. Visit the popular outlet mall in Lincoln City, Oregon and you will find most stores have gender neutral dressing rooms. OLD NAVY, RUE 21…. I stood right outside the doors while my girls were trying things on. And when I mentioned it at Rue 21, the 2 attendants were STUNNED I would consider not coming back because of the indiscretion, but an employee at Old Navy told me about a horrific occurrence last year that *almost* led to the company reinstalling separate changing rooms. Ya Think?! I won’t be frequenting these stores, or TARGET, until they figure it out. Even Walmart on 12th Ave in Nampa often employs a man to work in the women’s dressing room, which creepily is located in lingerie. When I complain about this indiscretion, management is highly offended that I would find this inappropriate, and then they promise to get back to me after considering it further, but never do. I am not inclined to financially assist any company who does not have the common sense to protect customers. I will avoid contributing to their bottom line whenever possible.

I have decided, friends, that the answer to our child safety and decency concerns is simple. Shop Far Less. There you have it. Imagine the good rational thinking Americans could do with the money we are going to start saving! (And while you’re at it, consider contacting corporate offices of companies you notice are confused about how to attract safe business.)


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