Living For God

God’s Word Is Truth

God has blessed me with a ministry of sharing the truth of the Bible with many in my community who doubt it’s accuracy.  One group of friends that I have been specifically called to share with are Latter Day Saints, and former LDS.

Recently I was privileged to speak about the importance of trusting the Word of God with a Utah Bible believing pastor. The need to trust the Bible as absolute truth goes far beyond any church walls, and sadly permeates many who name themselves as Christians today. I encourage each of you to watch the brief discussion and prayerfully consider it. You can view the conversation here: Study The Truthbible reading: A close-up of a christian woman reading the bible.The resources posted in the devotional below the video are wonderful tools, explaining how we KNOW we can trust the Bible.  Dig in to them.  God’s Word is strong.  It holds up to scrutiny every single time.  Please don’t be afraid to examine it – God expects you to!

For further thoughts on this topic of believing God’s Word:  Discerning Truth From Error


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